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Country Provider Space Allowed Client Language
Poland Friko - New 3 Mb ftp Polish
  Polbox-English 2 Mb ftp English
  Polbox-Polish 2 Mb ftp Polish
Portugal Terravista 2 Mb ftp Portugese
Russia Chat 3 Mb ftp Russian
  Halyava 512 kb ftp Russian
  I-Connect 5 Mb New ftp Russian
New LLG 10 Mb ftp Russian
  Raduga 1 Mb email Russian
  Vibor 2 Mb ftp Russian
  Weekend 10 Mb ftp Russian
  Windoms 512 kb ftp Russian
Scandinavia BIP 10 Mb ftp Unknown
Singapore Focus-Asia 2 Mb ftp/online editor English
  RAC-CITY 1 Mb ftp Unknown
Spain Ciudad Futura Unknown email Spanish
  Hispa7 500 kb ftp/email Spanish
  Webglass 150 kb ftp/online editor English/Spanish
Sweden Flashback 5 Mb ftp Swedish
  Fortune City 10 Mb ftp/online editor Swedish
  Passagen 3 Mb ftp Swedish
  SBBS 5 Mb ftp Swedish
  Swedecom 1 Mb ftp Swedish
  Torget 3 Mb unknown Swedish
Switzerland autobyte 1 Mb email German
  Clubworld 4 Mb ftp German
  INM 1 Mb ftp Unknown
New Kaj 7 Mb ftp German
  MyWEB 1 Mb ftp French
  S.P.A.N. 50 Mb email to register English
  Triwdata 1Mb online editor Unknown
Taiwan CYS 5 Mb ftp Chinese
  Ace WebShow 5 Mb ftp/online editor Chinese
  TacoCity 3 Mb ftp Chinese
  TFCNet 3 Mb ftp Chinese

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