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Updated Aug 12/98

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The Free Web Space Providers list has become so large it had to be divided into three pages for faster loading. To make things easier I have divided them up by countries.

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Country Provider Space Allowed Client Language
Argentina Amarillas 100 kb E-mail Spanish
Austria ForFree 2 Mb ftp English
Bahrain Earthonline 6 Mb ftp English
Belgium Arcadis 500 kb ftp German
  Digibel 3 Mb ftp German
  FreeZone 5 Mb online editor German
Brazil Freespace 2 Mb ftp Spanish
  Highway Techologies 100 kb ftp Spanish
  Terravista 2 Mb ftp Spanish
Canada CBN 125 kb online editor English
  Codename 8 Mb ftp English
  Crosswinds 10 Mb ftp English
  MyPage 1 Mb online editor English
  Softcom 1 Mb ftp English
  Spaceports 10 Mb ftp English
China ChinaInfo 100 kb ftp/email English
  Chongqing 25 Mb ftp Chinese
  FlyCity 22 Mb ftp Chinese
  Nease 20 Mb ftp Chinese
  Zingong Unlimited ftp Chinese
Czech Republic FreeWeb New 10 Mb ftp Czech
Denmark Netby 2 Mb ftp Danish
Dominican Republic Civila Unknown ftp Spanish/French/Italian/


France Altern 5 Mb ftp/editor French
  Chez 10 Mb ftp French
  CiteWeb 20 Mb ftp French
  I-France 20 Mb ftp French
  Le Village Unknown ftp French
  Mygale 5 Mb ftp French
  Nearlive 100 kb ftp French
  Soft and Co 5 Mb ftp English./French
  Village 200 kb ftp French
Germany AE-web 1 Mb online editor German
  Cats 2 Mb online editor German
  CCCC 10 Mb email English/German
  Central Europe 3 Mb ftp German
  Computerversand 2 Mb ftp German
  Comsoft-Ka 1 Mb ftp German
  DOM Frei!Raum 256 kb email German
New Exit 5 Mb ftp German
  Fair Play 10 Mb ftp German
  Fortunecity 10 Mb ftp/online editor German
  FreePage 10 Mb ftp German 250 kb ftp German
  Home4U 1 Mb email German
  HP Cecomputer 3 Mb ftp German
  info- MEDIA 1 Mb email German
  Internetseite 1 Mb email German
  InterNetWire Communications 500 kb email German
  KIC 5 Mb ftp German
  Micdoe 500 kb email German
  NetPromote 500 kb email German
  Power Team Network 1.2 Mb ftp German
  Schleswig-Holstein 1 Mb email German
  Schlund 5 Mb ftp German
  Shonline 1 Mb ftp German
  Shop de 1 Mb ftp/online editor German
  Stowe und Orth 1 Mb email German
  Suenderhauf 6 Mb ftp German
  TRIserve 2 Mb ftp German
  Ubermorgen Online 1 Mb email German
  Web-culture 1 Mb ftp German
  WWS 2 Mb ftp German
  Xplosion Internet Services 5 Mb email English/German
Hong Kong Hong Kong Database 10 Mb ftp English
  AsiaCyber 5 Mb ftp English
Hungary - Extra 2 Mb ftp Hungarian
Indonesia Indocities 2 Mb online editor Indonesian
Israel Internet Club 15 Mb ftp/online editor English
Italy Aspide 2 Mb ftp Italian
  Eccentrica 500 kb online editor English
  Enjoy 100 kb ftp Italian
  Logicom 512 kb ftp English/Italian
  Ospiti 3 Mb ftp Italian
  Pegacity 1 Mb ftp Italian
  Zuzzurello 3 Mb ftp/online editor Italian
Japan Geocities Japan 2 Mb ftp/online editor Japanese
Korea A1BBS` 15 Mb ftp English
Malaysia Sarawak 5 Mb ftp English
  Young's Club Network 3 Mb ftp/oneline editor English
Mexico GapsNET 3 Mb ftp/email Spanish
The Netherlands De Digitale Stad 500 kb ftp Dutch
  Digitale Stad Leiden 500 kb ftp Dutch
  Mediaport 1 Mb ftp Danish
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