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Web Master Tools

Paint Shop Pro
You'll want to have a paint program to build your own web graphics. If you are not a graphic artist, there is no need to try to become one... just download some of the free buttons here, and then use a tool like Paint Shop Pro to add you own text to your GIFs and JPEGs.

Bavard Fast Chat
If you decide to add chat functionality to your web page, we highly recommend giving Fast Chat a try. You can install the java applet on your page for free, and no programming knowledge is required. Just cut-and-paste, and you have a chat room. For a minimal fee, you can even set up your own chat room. Go give it a try!

HTML References

Site Tuneups Utilities

The Meta Tag Generator
The Meta Tag Generator Creates Meta Tags for Your Web Site
The NetMechanic
Let Our Robots Tune Your Web Site. Free!
The Meta Medic
Meta Medic is a combination spider and syntax checker. It checks only your meta description and meta keywords tag
The Position Agent
See How You Come Up On the Big Search Engines
The Position Agent
Find if Your Site is Listed in the Top Dozen Search Engines and Directories
ParaChat Free Java Chat
ParaChat is a web-based 100% Pure Java chat software that has rapidly taken hold of the Internet chat marketplace due to its ease of use and powerful features.

FREE Animated Banner Maker
Now you can create great GIF animations Online using a simple web page interface. This page is the perfect solution for webmasters, who want to add fantastic special effects to their web pages.

1000 Free Banner Ad Credits
Sign up for the Wired2000 Services new banner exchange program and receive 1000 Free Banner Ad credits.

Free Banner Creation Service
Just fill out their form and they'll try to finish your banner within one week. All they ask is a link back to their site.

Banner Generator
You can use The Banner Generator to create title banners for web pages, hyperlinked buttons, or banner ads. Simply fill out and submit The Banner Generator Form. After you submit the form, it will take about five seconds for your banner to be generated.

The Basics Of Creating A Successful Online Catalog
Creating a profitable online catalog requires organization, planning, and giving up some control. Here's how to begin

BLOB Sculptor (78 kb)
BS is a blob/metaball modeller, that allows you to create unique organic shapes which can be incorporated into your favorite graphics rendering program. Using BS, you can create, position, and edit multiple blobs and their components, preview their interactions, and output the result to such formats as POVRay, PolyRay, and DXF (3D Studio, AutoCad, ... ).

Bobby (Analyze Your Web Page for Different Browsers)
Bobby will find HTML compatibility problems that prevent pages from displaying correctly on different web browsers.

C Free Web Design
C & B Web Design is a free web design service for individuals, non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Carlos' Coloring Book
Free Online Graphics Generator

Free Cartoon-of-the-Day Program (For Your Web Site)
By adding one line of HTML code to a page on your site, you will have a different cartoon graphic displayed each day. Itís maintenance-free; and you'll receive increased repeat traffic.

Color Picker for HTML (44kb)
This is a freeware application that takes and displays a Color Picker in which you pick your colors it then takes and converts it to the format used in the Body tags in HTML version 3. It will then optionally transfer it to the clipboard so that you can easily place it in the HTML file you are working on.

Free Custom Banners and Logo/Headers
The Strawberry Field site offers free banners and logo/headers as well as free backgrounds and borders for personal web pages.

CyberSpyder Link Test for Windows 3.1/95/NT Pre-Release (3.1 mb)
CyberSpyder is a WebMaster`s friend as it will check all of the links on a site and report on any that no longer work! When the program is started, one or more key URL`s are entered, CyberSpyder Link Test then works tirelessly until all the links have been tested and prepares a set of reports on any problems found.

Detect Broken Links With Inspector Web
Validate http, ftp, and mailto URLs. Remove 404 File Not Found from missing links and find bad links, forbidden pages, renamed domain, and moved pages.

HTML ColorPicker! You know how hard it is to get the exact color you want for your web page foreground or background colors in Netscape... Well, not any more! Get HTML ColorPicker, currently in its second version. It's an amazing little program! Please send David Christensen $5.00 cash, once you realize how great HTML ColorPicker really is!

Two Clicks Instant Tables is a FREE forms based service on the web that automatically converts tab-separated data into HTML tables. To use it, simply copy data from your application (Instant Tables is compatible with most major browsers and office applications -- e.g., MS Excel, etc.), paste into the form, select the options you'd like and Instant Tables does the rest... instantly.

Internet Phone has got to be the coolest thing we've seen (heard!) in a long time! It's not specifically for web pages but it is FREE and it's definitely COOL. For both PC and Mac (full duplex for those of us Mac'ing it). You'll be surprised at the quality of sound as you talk with people all over the world at only pennies per hour!

WDVL/Ask Dr. Web Post your technical questions about HTML and Web Development and get the answer from the Dr. or anyone else who has the answer.

Matt's Script Archive A collection of a few nifty CGI scripts to create Web pages such as a "Free For All" or "submission form". You'll need access/permissions to your cgibin and a bit of know-how to make these work, however.

Thalia Guide: Compose page-colors Another handy online tool for finding the right colors for your Web pages. 256 standard colors to choose from, try out various combinations.

1st Steps: Cool Marketing Resources and Tools Great reviews of sites related to online marketing!

Design Your Own Web Page Online Are you homeless? Design your own Web Page in about 15 minutes, absolutely FREE!

TableMaker Confused by tables? TableMaker allows you to create, modify and view tables online.

ColorMaker is a user friendly online tool for trying out combinations of background, text, link, visited link and alink colors for your Web pages. Another of Sam's nifty projects.

Quick Clips Tons of FREE bullets, icons, lines to add some life to dull Web pages. Slow to load but for obvious reasons.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library Everything you always wanted to know about HTML authoring, scripts and a lot more! It's a biggie.

Update your visitors! The URL Minder will automatically notify visitors of changes to your Web site, it will also notify you of updates to any page you like (FREE, of course).

Free Adobe Acrobat Reader
Free Anonymizer Service - Surf the Web Confidentially
Free Autoresponders - Cyber Promotions
Free Banner Advertising - The Link Exchange (Free Banner Creation Info Available)
Free Book Database
Free Book Database - The Online Books Page
Free Birth Announcement Page - Baby Announcements
Free Birth Announcement Page - Blessed Event
Free Calendar & EMail Reminder Service - Remind U-Mail
Free Classified Ad + Free Banner Exchange + Free Marketing Newsletter - Financial Savings,Inc
Free Computer Price Search Engine - PriceScan
Free Custom Graphics Making Service
Free Domain Name Information - Internet Gold-Rush
Free EMail Program - EMail Connection
Free EMail Program - Pegasus - Current Version: 250
Free Email + USENET Search/Reading Service
Free EMail Forwarding - PostOne
Free EMail & Web Forwarding - NetForward
Free EMail Reminder Service - Remind Me!
Free Employment Search Site - 4WORK
Free Employment Search Site - NationJob Network
Free Faxing Information
Free Faxing Service (Up To $5 Free Faxing)
Free Faxing Service & Software - Connect International
Free Flaw Finder - AAA Site Patrol
Free Fonts - Font Mania
Freedom of Information Center
Free Legal Questions Answered - (California & Federal Law)
Free Media Links - Gebbie Press: All-In-One Media Directory
Free Medicine Information Resource - Doc In The Box (Medical/Dental/Pharmaceutical)
Free Penpal Club - PENPALs CORNER
Free Penpal/Personals Service - WEBBAY
Free Picture Scanning - 5 Free Scans
Free Postcard Service - The Electric Postcard
Free Private Investigator's Toolbox (Useful Links)
Free Public Domain Index
Free Public News Servers List
Free Public News Servers & Unusual Search Engines - Tony's Home Page
Free Public News Servers List - Dark Demon
Free Questions Answered by Expert Researchers - Findout
Free Questions Answered - Ask The Master Plumber
Free Reciprocal Links Database - Missing Link
Free Screen Savers - Screen Savers A2Z - Over 603 to Choose From
Free Search Service - Search Newsgroups/Mail Lists - Reference.Com
Free Services on the Web - Communications in Cyberspace (Free Juno Download)
Free Services on the Web - Netmind (E-Minder & URL-Minder,etc.)
Free Site Promotion Tool - 123 Promote!
Free Soapmaking Resource - Lather Land
Free Software - Desktop Themes
Free Software - The Game Network
Free Software - Jumbo!
Free Software - No Nags
Free Software -
Free Software - Tucows
Free Software - WinSite
Free Stock/Securities Ticker Look-up - CheckFree Investment Services
Free Translation Service - Globalink
Free Translation Service (Spanish) - Sancho
Free Travel Information -
Free TV Guide - TV Guide
Free URL Redirection -
Free Weather Info, Cams & Software - Weather Net
Free Web Tools - Obscura Tool
Free Yellow Pages Service - USA Online