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Free Guest Books

I f your looking for a FREE GUEST BOOK for your web pages you have come to the right place. I have complied a small list of places for you to go.My personal best pick is GuestWorld for loading quickly.My second has to be Phaistos. Glacier and Link Korea also load very quickly. So since your here visiting, why not sign one of my guest books.

Guest World - Free customizable guestbooks. Quick registration. Click HERE to get yours.

Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook Guestbook by Lpage

Phaistos Free Guestbook - new guestbook on the net. Use their powerful guestbook manager to control your guestbook. Easy to fill out form, just cut and paste the html code.Notifies you when your book has been signed-Cool! Get yours HERE

GuestBooks by Phaistos!
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DreamBook - Offer free guestbook.Just register and start using it right away.This one seems to be the slowest and takes forever to contact They say some improvements are being made. Click HERE to get yours

Free Guestbook at Glacier - Free customizable guestbook. Click HERE to get yours.

My guest book!
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Komy Sign This - Just fill out the form and they will email you the HTML code to cut and paste. Click HERE to get yours.

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Link Korea - Free guestbook with your registration. You can choose from a list of backgrounds. ontains banner ads from Korea which makes it unique.Click HERE

View GuestBook LinKo Sign GuestBook

Free GuestBook By LinKo

Relationships To Savor - Free guestbook,easy registration. Just cut and paste HTML and use right away. Click HERE to get yours.

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Spin - Free guestbook. Quick registration and no image link required.Click HERE to get yours

Toast - Free guestbook and they make it easy to customize it right away. It takes about 24 hours before your book is activated. Inactive books will be terminated after 90 days. Click HERE to get yours.

View and Sign my Guestbook

Web Promote - Free guestbook. Quick and easy registration, Click HERE to get yours.

View And Sign Our Guestbook

View And Sign Our Guestbook

1 2 3 Guestbooks Free HTML guestbooks for your webpage. Easy to setup. easy to customize, easy to use, and 100% free

Dezine.Net Guestbooks Free guestbooks for any one Personal/Business. You get to choose the bgcolor, textcolor, title and what things you would like the guests to fill out.

Exit 27 Guestbook Freely Hosted Guestbook. Choose your own background and text colors. Also includes an Admin feature for deleting posts and changing guestbook settings.

Free Guestbooks at RunninSpider.Net Running Spider Networks offers free and completely customizable guestbooks to enhance your web site.

Free GuestBook A free guestbook for your web site that lets you customize the background image and more.

Internet Tool Zone Guestbook Server Free Guestbook Server. No programming required. Cut and paste HTML. Guestbook Server You can choose your background color and more, plus your old comments will never be deleted so you won't lose anything. Guest Book Server Free guestbook for anyone that know how to put two lines of HTML in there page. Cool layout and no ads.

the multi guestbook Just fill in a form and instantly get your personal SPiN multi guestbook. It is free for non-commercial use.