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Make money with banner advertising or with just text links.By just putting up a banner or text link, depending on the sponsor your website can make you alittle extra money.Why do they want to pay you money? To drive as much traffic to their website as possible.

When a visitor comes to your site and sees a banner or text link they are interested in, they will click on it.The result of this clickthru is money for you. To keep track of the number of clickthrus each banner or text link has its own special code to let the sponsor know where the click came from.Some sponsors will pay you any where from 2 cents to 25 cents per clickthru. Some sponsors will pay you a commission. But always read their rules and regulations before you decide if you want them to sponsor your website. There are alot of sponsors out there, so I have not included them all, only the ones I have been successful with so far. And always keep in mind that sometimes they pay late or may not pay at all. I guess we just all rely on the honor system.

Best of luck to you all!

To put a banner on your site the sponsor will supply you with the html code to put on your site. Just cut and paste.

Here are some sponsors I have now. If you are interested in any of these sponsors please visit them. They all have a great service or product to offer you.

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